Objective: To enhance Housing, Integration, and Settlement of African Refugees in
 Adequate and affordable housing is a major concern for refugees in Canada.
The HIS program will strive to address this issue by assisting refugees in
finding suitable accommodation, alleviating overcrowding and ensuring they
have a safe and secure place to call home.
 Successful integration into Canadian society is a key challenge for refugees, on
procedural guidance, language training, access to education, employment
opportunities, psychosocial support, and social support networks. Equally,
barriers such as language, trauma, cultural and religious differences, and lack of
self-esteem exacerbate the challenge.
 The HIS Program aims to provide vital support to thousands of African
refugees in Canada, ensuring their survival during the early stages of
resettlement. This includes a comprehensive support to address the immediate
needs of essential supplies of sleeping mattresses, jackets, shoes, clothes,
blankets, sweaters, and other necessary items to ensure the comfort and well-
being of the refugees.
 Equally, female and baby support packages including hygiene kits, detergents,
hand soaps, baby wipes, shampoo, toothbrushes, toothpaste, body rub, cleaning
supplies, and basic kitchen utensils such as pots, cookers, and cleaners.
Through the Housing, Integration, and Settlement of African Refugees in Canada
program, we aim to provide essential support to African refugees during their early
stages of resettlement. By addressing immediate needs such as emergency shelter,

medical care, food, and clean water, as well as focusing on long-term integration and
housing solutions, we strive to empower refugees and help them build a stable life in
Canada. Your support and contributions are crucial in making this program a success
and transforming the lives of African refugees in Canada.