Enhance Education Opportunities for Refugee and Internally Displaced Children in Africa.

 Numerous children in African countries have been deprived as it keeps rolling of their
fundamental right to accessible and affordable education due to conflicts and wars. In
parts of English-speaking Cameroon, schools have been destroyed, while the future of
children in Northern Nigeria has been disrupted by the Boko Haram terrorist sect, to
name a few.
 CARA inspired by the recommendation of Sustainable development goals has established
the Refugee and Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) Children Education Program in
Africa. This program, operating under the 'Education Can't Wait' Framework, aims to
mobilize support for over 100,000 school-aged children within the next three years, with
primary focus on urban refugee children and IDPs in rural communities.
 CARA intends to provide essential resources and assistance to facilitate the education of
these children. The support includes the provision of crucial educational materials such as
books, school bags, pens, pencils, and exercise books. Additionally, financial aid will be
provided to cover registration fees in public schools, ensuring that the children can enroll
in primary schools. For secondary school students, CARA aims to cover both tuition fees
and boarding expenses.
Donation Opportunities
We kindly request general support to aid the education of refugee and IDP school children in
Africa. The following donation options are available:
1. $40: This amount will supply a complete school kit, including a bag and school uniform.
2. $50: This donation will cover the registration and fees required for a child to attend
primary school.
3. $1000: By contributing this amount, you can support a secondary school child by
covering their tuition fees and boarding expenses.

Through the Refugee and IDPs Children Education Program in Africa, CARA aims to restore
educational opportunities for thousands of displaced children. By providing essential resources
and financial aid, we seek to ensure that these children have access to quality education and a
brighter future. Your support and contributions are crucial in making this program successful and
transforming humanity.