Objective: To enhance the Supplementary Food Aid Program for African Refugees in Canada
and Internally Displaced Persons in Africa.

 The current situation faced by hundreds of thousands of African refugees in Canada and
their internally displaced persons back home is characterized by dehumanization,
precarity, and critical conditions. Compounding this issue is the impact of climate
change, political insecurities and conflicts which have heightened food insecurity in
Africa and globally.
 To address these pressing challenges, the CARA has created an emergency food
distribution initiative to needy African refugees in Canada as well as refugees and IDPs
abroad. This program aims to provide vital sustenance to refugees pending integration
and reintegration for IDPs respectively. This assistance is provided through the
distribution of specially curated food packages.
 Each emergency food basket is carefully assembled to ensure nutritional balance that
meets the dietary requirements of the recipients, including; eggs, chicken, groundnut oil,
cereals, flour, margarine, sugar, powdered milk, rice, sardines, and canned food.
 Our objective is to distribute a total of 50,000 food baskets to the affected population
annually to address the immediate nutritional needs of the recipients.
 Each curated food basket, is estimated to cost $50 overall. (This includes procurement,
packaging, and distribution expenses associated with the program).
By implementing this enhanced Supplementary Food Aid Program, CARA aims to alleviate the
suffering of refugees in Canada and internally displaced persons in focus countries. Through the
provision of nutritionally balanced food packages, we aspire to address immediate food
insecurity and contribute to the overall well-being of the affected population.