Empowering Refugees through the TOOLS FOR REFUGEES and IDPs INTEGRATION (ToRI 2 )

The ToRI 2 Program aims to promote self-reliance among refugees by facilitating their integration
into local communities. Through capacity-building initiatives, refugees and IDPs will develop
practical solutions to address their development and integration challenges.
For newcomers, lack of relevant legal documents often poses a significant obstacle to acquiring
employment through conventional means such as wages. Therefore, an effective alternative for
refugees and IDPs is to learn a trade or start their own petit businesses. Such endeavors offer
numerous benefits to women particularly, their families, and the host community, including
increased access to markets, income generation, reduced dependency ratios, enhanced self-
confidence and psychosocial status, improved self-image, increased self-esteem, access to
healthcare, and education for their children. Most importantly, these initiatives uplift their
To facilitate the integration process, the ToRI 2 Program offers various support options tailored to
the specific needs of refugee/IDPs women and youth:
1. Tailoring Training: A donation of $300 allows a refugee/IDP woman to acquire training
in tailoring, equipping her with valuable skills for employment or entrepreneurship.
2. Sewing Machine: A contribution of $200 enables the purchase of a sewing machine,
providing a refugee/IDP woman with the necessary tools to pursue a career in tailoring.
3. Hairdressing Training: A donation of $250 offers a refugee/IDP woman training in
hairdressing and hairstyling, empowering her to establish a sustainable business in this
4. Call-Box Entrepreneurship: With a contribution of $500, a refugee/IDP woman or youth
can set up a call-box, creating opportunities for income generation and economic

5. Small Retail Kiosk: A donation of $500 allows a refugee/IDP woman or youth to
establish a small kiosk retailing essential items such as sugar, milk, bread, corn, and rice,
contributing to her financial stability.
6. Barbing Skills: A contribution of $150 provides a refugee/IDP youth with training in
barbing, equipping them with valuable skills for employment in the grooming industry.
7. Barbing Machine: With a donation of $50, a refugee/IDP youth can afford a barbing
machine, essential for starting their own barbing business.
8. Photography Skills: A contribution of $200 enables a refugee/IDP youth to acquire
photography skills, opening up opportunities for employment or entrepreneurship in this
9. Education Support: A donation of $500 creates educational opportunities for a refugee,
empowering them with knowledge and skills for a brighter future.
Through the ToRI 2 Program, we strive to empower refugees by providing them with the
necessary tools and skills to achieve self-reliance. Your support and contributions will make a
significant difference in the lives of these individuals, enabling them to build better futures for
themselves and their communities. Together, we can create positive pathways to integration and
foster dignity and resilience among refugees.